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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable hazardous waste solution in Manchester? We have what you need. Waste Manchester is an expert team of low-cost hazardous waste specialists operating in the Manchester area.

Hazardous waste, as the name suggests, is anything that is deemed ‘hazardous’ to the environment and those who may come into contact with it. The Strategy for Hazardous Waste Management in England 2010 sets out strict principles advising anyone who handles or produces hazardous waste. From aerosols, paint tins and batteries to adhesives, solvents or acids, Waste Manchester will collect, treat and dispose of them efficiently and safely.

Anyone who falls under the chain of ‘Duty of Care’ is responsible for the safe and lawful management. Failure to comply with the rules can have serious repercussions, not only for the environment but also for your company. Many companies produce chemical waste, not only chemical manufacturers, construction sites, oil refineries and electroplating companies, but also car repair shops or mechanical garages, dry cleaners, hospitals, photographers and exterminators.

If you have to deal with managing your company’s hazardous waste, you already know it can be a bit of a nuisance. At times, it can seem that tedious environmental rules and regulations dictate your waste disposal process every step of the way. One foot wrong could land your business some serious repercussions. At Waste Manchester, we know you would rather spend your valuable time concentrating on your business. Why not let Waste Manchester take care of your hazardous waste? You can be confident that our service is compliant with regulations and protects your ‘Duty of Care.’ Our range of hazardous containers, skips and compactors come in varying sizes and are all lockable for security. Our products are leak-resistant and you can rest assured that they are high quality and strong.
We also offer our clients in Manchester the flexibility of daily, weekly or fortnightly collections. Our collection team are available 7 days a week in Manchester and at whatever time suits your business. What’s more – if you select our collection service, we will supply you with a free specialised, waste bin!
It’s not only our collection times that are flexible. Waste Manchester understands that your business needs a quick, easy and economic waste disposal system. That’s why we tailor our service to suit your business’s individual waste stream. We can give you a detailed waste audit completely free of charge to enable us to determine how we can do this. We work with your company to minimise and organise your waste.

If you would like to enquire about any of these services or are in need of some quick and helpful advice, please call 0161 401 1330 to speak to our friendly team of waste consultants.
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